Youth and Wellbeing Consortium

The Youth and Wellbeing Consortium is an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional group of researchers, educators, and child welfare professionals who are invested in improving the wellbeing of system-involved youth through research, practice, and policy.

The work of the members stretches across multiple fields of study and practice: education, social work, family court, media, mental health and psychology; and encompasses a number of related foci including but not limited to: child welfare and youth services; court improvement; race and racism in education; education of system-involved youth; gun safety and community violence; early childhood education; poverty and social class; immigration and education; humanizing media; participatory action research.

Together, the members of the consortium are pushing forward an agenda to improve youth wellbeing across a variety of domains, focusing especially on those young people who are made vulnerable through institutional involvements in juvenile justice (and other forms of detention) and foster care.

Lesley Bartlett (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Anne Burns Thomas (SUNY Cortland)
Suzanne Carothers (New York University)
Antonio Garcia (University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice)
Marcelle Haddix (Syracuse University)
John L. Jackson, Jr. (University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice)
Stephanie Jones (University of Georgia)
Sonali Rajan (Columbia University, Teachers College)
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz (Columbia University, Teachers College)
Laura Smith (Columbia University, Teachers College)
Lalitha Vasudevan (Columbia University, Teachers College)
Melissa Wade (New York Child Welfare Court Improvement Project)
Cheryl Wilkins (Columbia University, School of Social Work)